City Slicker Soft & Tender Beef Jerky Gift Basket - Man Size - Double the Meat! - Great Gift Idea for any Man!

This gift box takes 5 different flavors of our best selling Soft & Tender Style jerky and packages it all up in a nice, neat, manly gift box that makes a presentation that far exceeds it's price. Consider doubling the meat for an unbeatable...

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Old Fashioned Beef Jerky & Deep Fried Peanuts Gift Bag - Regular Size - Best Gift Idea for a Man EVER.

Who doesn't love Old Fashioned Beef Jerky?? No friend of mine, that's who. We took 4 flavors of our Old Timey, Traditional Styled Beef Jerky and paired them with our World Famous, Deep Fried Peanuts (You Eat Them Shell & All!) for one kick-ass gift...

$44.99 as at 16:29 UTC. (Details)
Buffalo Bills 25-Piece Sampler Gift Tool Box (filled with 25 assorted packs of beef jerky & sticks)

A great gift for any jerky-eating handyman! This 16" wide durable Stanley tool box comes filled with 25 (yes, 25!) packs of assorted Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky, Turkey Jerky, Venison Jerky, Beef Sticks, Turkey Sticks, Ham Sticks, and Venison Sticks....

$89.99 as at 16:29 UTC. (Details)
Old Wisconsin Snack Sticks, Turkey, 6-Ounce Package

Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Sticks are great for tailgating, party trays or as a snack. They have all of the great flavor and even more protein than our regular varieties with fewer calories and less fat. They’re a healthier option that your whole...

$2.96 as at 06:49 UTC. (Details)
Wild Game Jerky Sticks Sampler Gift Bag - Best Selling Exotic Meat Combo Including 12 sticks - Venison, Elk, Wild Boar in a Custom Canvas Gift Bag.

Our Wild Game Jerky Sticks Sampler Bag is bursting with flavor from our World Famous, Small Batch Game Jerky Sticks. Our sticks arenâ€TMt made with casings so you get nothing but the flavor and texture of the meats…and they are goooooood....

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Buffalo Bills 1.75oz Beef Jerky Camo 6-Pack Gift Cooler (filled with 12 assorted jerky packs)

Our company's best selling gift item! This handy camo (with a black front) nylon 6-pack cooler comes filled with 12 assorted 1.75oz packs of our Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky (and Turkey Jerky, too). Each cooler is packed with 7 assorted 1.75oz packs of...

$49.99 as at 06:49 UTC. (Details)
Buffalo Bills 1.75oz Country Cut Beef Jerky Beverage Gift Jug (filled with 8 assorted jerky packs)

This durable 67oz silver & white Coleman Beverage Jug comes filled with 8 assorted 1.75oz packs of Buffalo Bills Country Cut Beef Jerky. Made in the USA with US-raised beef, this nationally recognized jerky is extremely moist and tender - customers...

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Bricktown Jerky Beef Jerky Gift Cooler - Regular Size, 1.5 oz bags - 11 Different Kinds of Jerkey in a Reusable Nylon Lunch Cooler - Beef Jerky, Turkey Jerky, Pork Jerky

One of's best selling gift items! This handy black nylon 6-pack cooler comes filled with 11 assorted 1.5 oz. packs of our Bricktown Jerky (Beef Jerky, Turkey Jerky and Pork Jerky. Each cooler is packed with 7 assorted City Slicker 1.5 oz....

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Buffalo Bills Outdoorsman Jerky & Beef Stick Camo 6-Pack Gift Cooler (filled with 8 assorted packs)

The perfect gift for any hunter or fisherman! This handy nylon camo (with a black front) 6-pack cooler comes filled with 8 packs of our most popular outdoorsman products - over 3 pounds of beef, turkey, and venison snacks! . You get one 3.5oz pack...

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