On Christmas Eve (Cape Light)

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Lucy and Charlie’s relationship has been on the rocks. With the newfound confidence that comes with her nursing career, Lucy doesn’t need to put up with Charlie’s nonsense anymore. But just as she’s about to call it quits, a lost-looking teenager crosses her path. Seeing that the girl is sick and alone, Lucy takes her in despite Charlie’s protests, in a move that could make or break their frayed relationship…

With a grown son embarking on his own life, and an ex-husband starting a new family, Betty realizes it’s time to find a partner of her own. Then Santa bears an unexpected gift at the Rotary Club’s Christmas party: himself. Has the holiday cheer gone to her head, or is she really attracted to a struggling magazine writer who plays dress- up? But things aren’t always as they seem, especially in Cape Light-and unless Betty realizes that good things come in different packages, she risks Santa passing her by this Christmas.

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