The For Her Massage Gift Basket: Sensual Woman’s Massage DVD / Sports Massage for Women , Oil, Relaxation Music, Candles, Incense (2 DVD/1 Oil/1 CD)

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Basic Massage Therapy

This massage therapy instructional DVD teaches the techniques used by professional massage therapists in everything from Swedish massage to deep tissue and pressure point therapy. The video is narrated and demonstrated by a Registered Massage Therapist with years of training and professional experience.

The DVD skillfully covers all the basic introductory massage techniques and shows some advanced maneuvers while providing all the tools necessary to learn the healing art of massage. This video is a great instructional device whether the intent is massaging for fun or pursuing massage therapy as a career.

Massage Therapy for Professionals

Professional Massage Therapy has long been a secret to the general public but now the secrets are revealed through this video. Our video class is taught by a massage therapist instructor with over 20 years of teaching who prepares massage students to take state certification tests. While each state has different certification or registration procedures for therapists, the principles and knowledge are the same no matter where you go.

This video shows you what you’ve always wanted to know. See what up until now could only be seen by enrolling in a professional massage therapy school taking many months and several hundreds of dollars in fees. We bring the hidden techniques of massage therapy to you for use in the comfort of your own home. You can even watch this instructional video over and over again to improve and perfect on your massage therapy technique.

Sounds of the Colorado Rockies CD

Relaxation music or mood music is essential in this process. The body subconsciously takes cues from sound and transfers that reaction directly to the muscles. So, it is important to control what sounds are heard. Relaxation music is the most effective means of controlling the ambient sound and substituting soothing sounds designed to relax. Relaxation music can range from the sound or rain or the beach to the sounds or crickets at night.

Relaxation music can be any variety of sounds from traditional instrumental music to natural sounds or even computer generated noises. White noise is a critical element of relaxation sounds. White noise is a series of sounds used to raise the ambient level of sound to drown out unwanted noises. Relaxation music uses white noise principles to hide other noises from the subconscious. For instance in a massage therapy setting, the sounds of beach waves from a CD player can be used to mask the sound of passing traffic thus allowing the subject to more fully relax. Relaxation music also uses such sounds as running streams, nights ambient sounds of the forest and the quiet sound of a heartbeat as white noise.

Build and customize your own massage gift basket. Due to tightened shipping restrictions, we no longer ship the massage oil, candles or box. Those can be purchased at a variety of local stores to make your own amazing gift.

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