Snackstravaganza Deluxe Snack Gift Basket | College Student Gift Idea

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Junk food and lots of it! There are those among us that can’t get enough of this food group and it doesn’t matter the age or social statusÉ they just love junk food! So help their addiction by sending a real care packageÉ the Snack Attack Care Package! When this gift arrives on their doorstep they will sit up and take notice! An assortment of sugar filled, high energy gotta’ have them candy bars, chips, cookies and not just no-name brands like other companies send but real I love them kind of snacks! Send them a sugar high Snack Attack and they will remember you for it! Great gift ideas for college students, kids’ birthdays, Father’s Day and ANY occasion or reason you can muster up! This Gift Includes: Assorted Chips (ex: Doritos, Fritos, Chips) Assorted Candies (ex: Reeses, M&M’s, Snickers) Assorted Snacks (ex. Milano’s, Chocolate Chip Cookies) White Gloss Gift Box (8.5 X 8.5″ X 8.5″) Hand Written Gift Message attached directly on gift Option to upgrade to Classic or Grand Presentation Shipping Weight 4 lbs. Shown as Economy Presentation
(Approximate Items: 20 for Regular – 30 for Large – 40 for X-Large) “Assorted Chips (ex: Doritos, Fritos, Chips)

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